Riverside PE Department

Our Coaches, April Greene and Patrick Jernigan, have been a team for 8 years at Riverside.  A great team who promotes daily physical activity along with our core values, teamwork, fun, creativity, respect and compassion.  They are also promoting safety as they teach students the safe way to exercise through play.

We love to see the creative physical activiites they come up with.  For example, during the fall, they have a Turkey Tug.  The Turkey Tug is a school wide tug-of-war contest and it gets VERY serious!  Even teachers bring their gloves and atheltic shoes to make sure their team wins.  During the winter holidays, they have a snowman relay.  Students are in teams and have to build a snowman with different exercise items, like hoolahoops and relay sticks.  

Our PE Department have a large pavillion outside near their play area/field, a nice structure for students to play on, and their own double classroom (if the elements keep them from going outside).