Children are often excited about starting school -- - and a little afraid.

Starting school means:

  • being away from you
  • learning new routines and new rules
  • following directions from other adults
  • getting along with other children

If you have any questions about your child’s adjustment to our Pre-kindergarten program, please call your child’s teacher for ways to help him/her adjust. YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S FIRST TEACHER! We need you to stay involved and participate in the Pre-kindergarten program as your child attends school this year.

The pre-kindergarten skills we will work on with your child are: recognize his/her first name, count objects, identify colors and shapes, identify letters of the alphabet and numbers, phonemic awareness, letter sounds, sort and match objects, observe clocks and calendars, and follow two-step directions. For a more detailed list, please see the Pre-kindergarten Education Standards included in this handbook.

Pre-K classes are on the same wing as the Kindergarten classes.  This provides an opportunity for our Pre K students to learn the area and the Kindergarten teachers ensuring their transtion to Kindergarten is smooth. We do all these things to get ready for kindergarten! We work with families in our Pre-kindergarten Programs to help develop the whole child.  To register your child for VPK, please click the link below.

Suwannee Riverside Pre-K Handbook 2021-22